Ft. Lauderdale

2860 NW 59th Street

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309


Our History

Jet Harbor, Inc. was founded in March of 1983 by Damian H. Weber, Sr. and Mary A. Weber.  Initially the company was operated from the home of the Weber’s and Mr. Weber traveled to his customers’ sites.  On August 15, 1983 the company was officially incorporated in the state of Florida.  From these modest beginnings we have grown to 25 full and part time employees.

Along the way we have crossed many milestones:

August 1983
Incorporated the company.
We moved into our first leased hangar space.
Started repair on center section of Sabreliner Model 40.  This was our first major repair.  We removed the wing and repaired the center beam and lower wing skins with machined doublers.
January 1984
Completed the repairs to the Sabreliner and had a successful test flight.
Started a repair project on a Lear 24 that was damaged in an accident.  The airplane had been disassembled and stored for 4 years.  We believe that this was the first Learjet ever re-assembled from a “basket” of parts.
August 1984
We had a successful test flight of the Learjet.  (Later, the airplane was test flown successfully by Learjet test pilots from the factory).
October 1984
Applied for and received FAA Certified Repair Station Certificate #765-34.  This number has since been changed to WK4R625M.
May 1985
Moved into a larger facility which allowed us to add a stockroom.
July 1987
Moved into an 18,000 square foot facility at 1560 West Cypress Creek Road in Ft. Lauderdale.  We occupied that property until June of 2001.
October 1988
Successfully brokered our first airplane.  It was a Sabreliner model 60.
November 1989
Purchased our first Jet for re-sale.  We leased it 3 times, short term, to customers who had maintenance projects that exceeded 30 days of downtime.  We sold the airplane in April of 1990.
June 1990
Installed the first of 26 Cockpit Voice Recorders in Sabreliner, Learjet and Beechjet business jets.  As it turned out we may have installed more Voice Recorders than any small shop in Florida, a feat which we are extremely proud of.
December 1991
Completed our 22nd Sabreliner airframe corrosion inspection and repair.  This inspection, affectionately (not) called the “Chapter 5” inspection, required an average of 2000 man-hours of labor per airplane initially.  Although these airplanes are not quite corrosion free, the ones that received a proper initial inspection with the proper repairs have been found to have fewer problems on subsequent inspections.
January 1993
Installed a side-facing camera in a military airplane.  A U.S. State Department license was required for this job.
April 1994
Repaired a 14" diameter hole in the top wing skin of a Lear 35.  Our repair was flush with the top of the skin instead of external as some other similar repairs have been done.  The operator’s only alternative for a flush repair was to have the wing skin replaced.  The skin alone was more expensive than our entire job and the downtime would have been double of what it was.
June 2001
Moved into new 19,000 square foot hangar with an additional 4,000 square feet of office space.
March 1983 to Present
Met hundreds of nice people in the course of our business of maintaining, modifying and selling aircraft of all types.  Most of these people have become friends.  Thank you for stopping in for a visit.  If you have any questions or want more information, call us at 954-772-2863 (FXE).  You can also contact us by email at sales@jetharbor.com.